The Flawed TV Crush

The last time we stepped into the small screen for our crushes, we talked to the wonderful singer-songwriter Laryssa Birdseye not only about ‘SNL’s’ Pete Davidson but also Andrew Koji of ‘Warriors.’ Then we sort of touched on the curiosity I had about why so many are into Davidson. This had more to do with his time outside of the show and more with well, everything else. 

This week, we’re talking to paranormal romance author Melissa Sercia about her own TV Crush, and we stepped sort of into similar territory – only her crush is on a character that perhaps wasn’t the nicest guy in the world of ‘Game of Thrones.’ You can hear more about that crush when the episode drops on Wednesday. For now I’d like to go on about my TV Crush that falls in line with Melissa’s, those flawed, anti-heroes, that sort of win us over in the end, and who else could I have picked other than my main man from Miami, Dexter Morgan from the hit Showtime series, ‘Dexter?’ 

Serial killers and society’s fascination with them has always gotten some quizzical looks. I just find the psyche of them interesting to read about, and have read many a book about them. So when anything other than documentaries showcase their stories, or stories inspired by – I’m usually left thinking they’re cheesy and/or just stupid. Then here came ‘Dexter.’ Well, not at first. I didn’t start watching until THE season. Then DVDs helped me go backwards, just in time to watch on from the fifth season until the odd ending in the woods. That’s another story for another day. 

Back to Dexter though and this crush because while this man should not have won over my heart (and the hearts of so many others), he did and continues to be one of my favorite characters – ever. But why? Why do people like me and Melissa fall for these “very bad for you” characters? Well, other than the physical attraction, Melissa had her own ideas as to why. Which you hear when this episode airs. Again, that’s Wednesday, October 20th. To me, Dexter and characters like them always tug at your heartstrings when they start to showcase the humanity behind their multitude of negative attributes. 

With Dexter, that was seeing the family he created and the life he was working so hard to protect from the little voice in his head telling him that yeah, it’s totally fine to be a murderer just so long as it’s only ever the bad people (…and apparently anyone that may rat you out, RIP Doakes…among others). He did have a knife in hand a lot of the time, but in a twisted way Dexter’s intentions were good…at least that’s what fans of ‘Dexter’ who have a crush on him say. 

Then of course, when you like a character and perhaps a concept, you tend to find that person that much more attractive physically. Because I mean, Michael C. Hall isn’t a bad looking guy but when he steps into the Dexter Morgan role, he somehow makes my heart pitter patter a bit more. It’s the same thing with Gale Harold who played Brian Kinney on ‘Queer as Folk,’ another Showtime favorite of mine. And another character who had this anti-hero who cares about those he loves vibe to him as well. 

Perhaps I have a TV Crush type?

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