Top 10 Celebrity Crushes of the ‘00s

This list could have very well just been 10 pictures of Adam Brody, and while Seth Cohen was the ultimate crush of the ‘00s for people my age – I wanted to do a list that highlighted the celebrity crushes during that time that were very universal. Like, you could go to some random corner of the world and they’d be like, “Jack Sparrow. Fuck. Me.” Taking the movies, the TV, and more into consideration, these are the top celebrity crushes of the ‘00s. 

10. Kim Kardashian 

Today it’s hard to imagine our world without the Kardashian/Jenner family. Sad, I know but alas – these reality TV billionaires premiered their hit series back in October 2007. Late in the ‘00s compared to some others on this list, Kim and her Krew would go on to dominate for a long ass time. Their botoxed, tanned, makeup plastered faces would set beauty standards for many. However, back in the ‘00s, Kim was just starting to become crushworthy to many thanks not only to the E! series but to a little home movie. 

9. Will Smith 

There is no denying that Will Smith owned the ‘90s thanks to a hit series and later being the king of Summer Blockbusters. Come the ‘00s he showed new sides of himself in movies like ‘Hitch’ and ‘Ali,’ and proved to be a celebrity crush for a whole new generation in a whole new decade. 

8. Paris Hilton 

To make a list about the ‘00s and not put Paris Hilton would be criminal. That era is defined by velour tracksuits with stupid shit printed on the ass, and “that’s hot” – a phrase coined by the hotel heiress. Certain crushes define a time in history, and Paris Hilton is just that when it comes to the ‘00s. 

7. John Krasinski 

I should’ve said Jim Halpert because let’s face it, John Krasinski may’ve been making a lot of movies when not on set of ‘The Office,’ but it was this character that made everyone have hearts in their eyes. I must also note that these are crushes from the ‘00s, and Jim and Pam were married in 2009. So this was before Jim went a little south in the later seasons. Ugh, Philly…what do you do to people?!

6. Jennifer Lopez

The whole reason we have Google Image is because in 2000, Jennifer Lopez wore a dress that was so instantly iconic – we needed a fucking way to look it up. That alone puts her on this list, but I will say that her cascade of romantic comedies from that decade made her even more of a household name than she already was due to ‘Selena’ and her music career at the time. 

5. Matthew McConaughey

Did somebody say romantic comedies? This dude was in one with JLo, and just about every other leading lady at that time. I think we also all crushed on him because in 1999 he was arrested for playing bongos naked and the image of that carried him into the hearts of many through the ‘00s. 

4. Halle Berry 

Every decade that Halle Berry exists in, she is a top 10 crush. Look at her. Stunning. Look at ‘Monster’s Ball,’ THRILLING.

3. Johnny Depp

The same can be said for Johnny Depp. Well, up until recent years where allegations of this and that put a dent in his crashworthiness, but alas – back in the ‘00s no one could touch him as Jack Sparrow. 

2. Jennifer Aniston 

‘Friends’ was still going strong well into the mid-00s and as that started to look like it was going to end, Jennifer Aniston took her Rachel ways to the big screen and proved she wasn’t going to disappear after being sitcom royalty. 

1. Orlando Bloom 

Much like with Paris Hilton, Juicy Couture tracksuits, and those translucent Apple computers – Orlando Bloom was very much a moment of the ‘00s. His blonde locks in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and sword-wielding ways in the ‘Pirates’ franchise made him a permanent poster on the walls of teens, tweens, and many adults around the world during that time. 

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