Celebrity Crush: The It Girls of the 2000s

Talking to the guys from The Opinionated Podcast led me to think about the 2000s since 1.5 of their crushes were very much It girls of that time. 1.5 because Tatyana Ali was all in in the ‘90s, as was Jennifer Aniston because of ‘Friends,’ but because that show continued into the new millennium and we saw her movie career kick-off, Aniston was definitely a must-watch actress during that era. That’s why we already talked about her when we went over 2000s crushes. The other, Jessica Alba, came about in the ‘90s but hit her stride in the ‘00s along with my crush from this week, Ms. Salad Dressing That Shook the World, Olivia Wilde. Dressing aside, Alba was not alone when it came time to highlight other celebrity crushes that made the world go gaga in the early 2000s. 

Kate Hudson

With ‘Almost Famous,’ Kate Hudson landed in the hearts of everyone who’d eventually swear up and down that The Strokes were the best thing to ever happen to music. She then became a romcom queen giving JLo a run for her money with ‘Fool’s Gold’ and ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.’ 

Jessica Alba

A pick from this week’s celebrity crush episode, Jessica Alba seemed to be everywhere back in the day and no one was mad about that at the time because well, look at her. Whether she was playing a superhero or the love interest of a comedian who’d go on to marry someone who probably wasn’t old enough to comprehend 9/11 when it happened. 

Jessica Simpson

Speaking of that guy, he was also in a movie with Jessica Simpson. You know, the singer turned reality star turned actress turned fashion line…person? Not sure what the term for that is, but Simpson has quite the career and was living it up in the 2000s as every other human on the planet’s celebrity crush. 

Amanda Bynes

Like Aniston, Amanda Bynes owned the ‘90s thanks to being one of the key players on Nickelodeon’s ‘All That,’ and later getting her own show on the network. Once she started doing movies though, most of us thought – here she is, our next comedy queen. Of course, reality got the best of her but there is no doubt in my mind that the comedic gem inside of her can and will shine again one day.

Eva Longoria 

‘Desperate Housewives’ was to moms in the ‘00s what ‘Melrose Place’ was to them in the ‘90s. This is funny because one of the leads was in both, but it wasn’t the one we’re talking about today because when push comes to shove, Eva Longoria was the standout housewife on the series for a multitude of reasons…

Avril Lavigne

Every decade needs a sugary sweet, mall punk princess to call their own and in the ‘00s it was Avril Lavinge. Quite the opposite of every female bubblegum pop artist out at the time, she gave people someone with a Hot Topic edge to crush on. 

Britney Spears

I mean, look at the material. No really, go back and watch all those videos from the ‘00s and then try and tell me this girl was not IT. You can’t. 


The music was right while the movie roles were there, but acnot even ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ could dim the light of Beyonce in the ‘00s. 

Tara Reid

When you sit down and think of the fashion and overall aesthetic of the 2000s, there are only a handful of people who truly capture the feel of a velour tracksuit with Juicy sprawled across the ass and one of those people is Tara Reid. 

Lindsay Lohan 

Another one of those is Lindsay Lohan but we’re in a Lohanissance so who knows, she just might become the girl who went on to define the ‘20s as well. 

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