A Doll of a Halloween Movie Crush

If there is one thing that is going to scar a child, it’s a movie about the possibility of their toys coming to life and going on a murder spree. So of course, older siblings utilized ‘Child’s Play’ as a premier choice when it come to torture. At least mine did. I explain in detail more about my trauma in this week’s episode but also go on to let you know it was resolved while noting back to this piece you’re reading before you because this week is all about the movies we love to watch around this time of year, and while it was my worst nightmare in the early ‘90s, Chucky is now my little darling. 

Many apologies to my Barbies and Cabbage Patch Doll for tossing you all in a toy box and securing it every night for years due to my fear that you’d come alive and kill me in my sleep. That’s on me, but also not really because I was a naive five-year-old forced to watch a maniac ginger doll do unspeakable acts. Then I grew up and realized, Chucky is kind of the funniest little bitch. The humor outweighed any of the possible horror the franchise was trying to serve and alas, I found myself a scary movie I could truly get behind. 

That’s because unlike Jason and Michael Myers, Chucky had a personality. He was like Freddy but less intimidating because let’s face it, I’d punt that pint-sized psychopath across the room and then book it. He can’t possibly catch me…my legs are long and his are basically stumps. Anyways, Chucky’s delightful, yet insane, personality won me over as a tween with the release of 1998’s ‘Bride of Chucky.’ So in many ways, I have to thank the addition of Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany for easing me into the series. Without her, I maybe would’ve never tried to watch. However, I did and then went back and watched the others. I will say though, I skipped when they had their kid. That, I didn’t need. 

What made Chucky even better is that in 2021 the killer doll landed a series and um, so. Freaking. Good. We’re not here to talk about TV though, but if you want to know why I love the show – head here because it made my top crushes of 2021 list almost 365 days ago. 

Back to the movies, they’re a fun watch around Halloween because if you’re like me and not the biggest fan of scary movies, this is just enough. I’m over it being terrifying but can still jump here and there when the little asshole pops up out of nowhere with a weapon in hand. Plus, Chucky movies are just a good time and don’t take themselves too seriously, which is kind of the point of Halloween, right? 

I will say, there is one movie I’m going to talk about this week that is far from fun because it makes you think about some deep shit – but all of the rest are good times to be had over fun-size candy. So if you need a movie, or three, to enjoy this Halloween season I suggest popping on the TV series. Unless you have children, then please do not do to them what was done to me. 

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