The Top 2021 Crushes

Over the past year, my heart has crushed on many for a variety of reasons. The one who made my heart flutter the most? Well, that was revealed Monday…and I even let you in on some of the rest on this week’s episode, but who rounded out my top 10 2021 crushes? Well, there are some real-life people, a YouTuber, one that’s such a doll, and even some of you. Wait, what? Yup, you’ll see why when you keep on keeping on and read the rest of the words below. 

Nurses & Doctors

Growing up I was not a fan of hospitals or those who worked in them. This was mostly because my family was broke and we only went when it was a legit emergency that could not be solved with NyQuil and/or Vicks VapoRub. Then my guy got the Big C in 2017 and my tune changed…then COVID came and well, never fucking left and I still have to give it up to the doctors and nurses who are continuing to deal with this bullshit daily. 

Dule Hill

If you listened to the show this week, you know I was all about the patriarch from the remake of ‘The Wonder Years,’ Dule Hill. Oh, what a cool ass motherfucker. 

Rhett McLaughlin

YouTube came out when I was a freshman in college, and well…it’s been a long ass time but for some reason, I’ve never been a huge fan of just watching the YouTubers. That was until recent years when there was really not much else to watch and me and my guy came across a pretty popular channel that featured two lifelong best friends eating weird shit. I mean, they do other stuff but watching them almost puke eating pork blood and whatnot? Great content. Anyways, my crush started on one but during COVID Rhett’s hair just got longer and longer, and something just took my hormones over. Plus, he knows a lot about food and that’s really, really hot to me. 


Another one featured on the show this week was Symone, the reigning queen from the US version of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ Her looks, her story, her heart. All of the above made me continue to root for her weekly for what seemed like an eternity. No seriously, those seasons get longer and longer each time they roll around. 

Chucky Series 

If there was a trivia night on the horror genre, I would not win. I’d probably come in second to last only because I know the basics of pop culture. So I did not expect to love the new ‘Chucky’ series as much as I did, but that little doll had me fucking floored laughing every week. Yes, he’s an evil little shit but the comedy he brings is top-notch. When he flipped those kids off in the hospital? I mean…


Maybe I’m just a sucker for Asgardians because before ‘Loki,’ the only Marvel man I was really fucking with was Thor.

Vaccinated Folks

Here is where some of you may have made the end of the year crush list because if you took the .3 seconds it takes to sit down and get vaccinated and perhaps waited a couple of weeks and then spent another few seconds getting another dose then, thank you! I’d love it if everyone believed in science given that it’s 2021 and we just sent pedestrians on a fucking trip to space and walk around with computers in our pockets with capabilities that would’ve been considered pretty sci-fi back in the ‘90s, but you know…not everyone can grasp the basics of science. Even when it’s explained by the likes of Bill Nye. 

Olivia Rodrigo 

Was it possible to get through 2021 without falling head over heels for Olivia Rodrigo’s music?


I talked a bit about ‘Pen15’ on the show this week and that truly is just the tip of the iceberg on how I feel about this show. It took mere seconds for me to fall in obsession with it back in 2019, and over the past couple of years I’ve rewatched a handful of times, and every time, I fall deeper in love, and their final season was just – ugh, my heart. This final season was so different than what came before it and I think beautifully captured the darkness that does come with that age. It’s not all gel pens and butterfly hair clips. Shit can and will get messy, but as long as you have at least one friend by your side – you’ll get through. Plus, well…you can listen to the episode to hear me go on about Maya and Sam, and why that pairing makes my heart smile. 

Adam Groff

This character from Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ was my number one when he went to the bowling alley on the double date. You can read more about my love of Adam here

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