The Top 2021 Crushes

Over the past year, my heart has crushed on many for a variety of reasons. The one who made my heart flutter the most? Well, that was revealed Monday…and I even let you in on some of the rest on this week’s episode, but who rounded out my top 10 2021 crushes? Well, there are... Continue Reading →

Ep. 37: Crushes of 2021

Hey, it’s me again! With the end of the year and the holidays…we’re taking a break from guests until the new year. Which is okay because I have some crushes I need to get off my chest and they all happened to formulate and/or grow immensely over the past 365 days. Yes, these are the... Continue Reading →

Drag Race Crush: The Runways

With so many seasons and so many queens, this top 10 had to be broken the fuck down. So while me and Erica Wiederlight talked about her ‘Drag Race’ crush Alyssa Edwards this week, what I’m going to do today is focus not on the queens that I’ve crushed on, but rather the runways. I’m... Continue Reading →

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