Drag Race Crush: The Runways

With so many seasons and so many queens, this top 10 had to be broken the fuck down. So while me and Erica Wiederlight talked about her ‘Drag Race’ crush Alyssa Edwards this week, what I’m going to do today is focus not on the queens that I’ve crushed on, but rather the runways. I’m only going off regular season runways. So this excludes promo looks, finales, and reunions. Oh, and All-Stars because any fan of the franchise knows the All-Stars looks are always extra since the queens come back with a little more in their back pocket. So I went through all 13 seasons and picked some favorites that live rent-free in my mind, forever and always. 

Jujubee “High Class Drag” 

Peppermint “Club Kid Couture” 

Gigi Good “Frozen Eleganza” 

Yvie Oddly “Fringe” 

Chad Michaels “Inaugural Ball” 

Courtney Act “Animal Kingdom Couture” 

Chi Chi DeVayne “Black & White Realness” 

Kameron Michaels “Feathers” 

Manila Luzon “Extravagant Drag” 

Gottmik “Nice Girls Roast” 

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