2021 Crush: Head of the Class

Before the holidays get underway and we officially say goodbye to another year of supposed social distancing, and hope in the form of a vaccine that was later booted back down to panic thanks to yet another one of COVID’s little friends coming around…I wanted to go over my top crushes of the past 300 or so days. So I sat back, jotted down a dozen or so, whittled those down to an even 10, and then had to decide which crush would take the top spot this year. Then I got upset that I hadn’t done this every year of my existence.

I can’t say too much about who rounded up my top picks, but you can hear about a handful of them when this week’s episode drops on Wednesday, read about all 10 on Thursday, and of course…keep reading on here to see that my number one 2021 crush was none other than Adam Groff from the hit Netflix series, ‘Sex Education.’ 

This show may’ve premiered back at the start of 2019, but it took me a minute to dive into what is truly one of Netflix’s best, and a show I desperately needed as a naive teen with no more than Cinemax past midnight to “educate” me. Yeah, I know…but in my defense, it was the early 2000s and the internet did not exist in my home (still doesn’t at my mom’s). Anyways, when I did get around to watching it, I was hooked and I could not stand Adam Groff. I got that he had his home life issues, but he was such a dick at the start. I thought, there is no way this character is ever going to be someone I give two shits about. 

Then came season three this past September. I spent a handful of nights binge watching and by the time I got to the end, Adam Groff had gone from a character I could care less about to someone I would fight for. I was ready to jump through the TV screen and give Eric a piece of my mind at that very moment, but I realized that was 1. Impossible and 2. This was just a fictional character I had come to care way too much about. 

Adam had so much character development that it was hard not to fall for him this season. I mean physically, he’s been giving me vagina hymns but not liking him as a person, they weren’t loud. This year? The heavens above could hear them because Adam came into his own this season thanks to a more than stellar performance by Connor Swindells

First off, if someone that looked like Connor Swindells went to my high school – I would’ve been obsessed to the point that they would’ve wanted to commit me because I mean, look at him. Model good looks, a jawline that could very well be the standard for all men, and well, again, look at him. 

Connor Swindells perfectly plays one of the most hated turned most beloved characters out there today on ‘Sex Education,’ and he did that so well this year that my heart could barely contain itself. This is why he’s my top 2021 crush, but who, what, when, where, why rounded out the other nine spots? 

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