The Manic Pixie Weirdo’s Elementary School Crush

Abigail, known to her listeners as ‘The Manic Pixie Weirdo’ is here to talk not only about her show which dives into relationships with everything from representation to horror movies, but also her crush that dates all the way back to elementary school, Daniel Radcliffe. Like many, she fell for the Chosen One due to... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Crush: The It Girls of the 2000s

Talking to the guys from The Opinionated Podcast led me to think about the 2000s since 1.5 of their crushes were very much It girls of that time. 1.5 because Tatyana Ali was all in in the ‘90s, as was Jennifer Aniston because of ‘Friends,’ but because that show continued into the new millennium and... Continue Reading →

Ahoy! High School Crush

Once in a while, we’ll get to a week where my crush and our guests align. This is one of those weeks as Kate Bjärgvide, aka Katie B, chatted with me about a character played by Orlando Bloom. Actually, we talked about his first and second huge roles, but today I wanted to dive into... Continue Reading →

Looks Your 2000s Crush Likely Rocked

Every decade has certain aspects that make someone crushworthy. Take the ‘90s for example. If you were a boy with hair that was parted down the middle, you probably had everyone’s attention. So as far as the 2000s go, what made someone a 2000s crush? What aspects went into making you the hottest during the... Continue Reading →

 Natalie Schaffer’s 2000s Crush

When Natalie Schaffer isn’t being the coolest publicist on the planet at Big Picture Media or trying to figure out how to make a life work with Harry Styles, she’s thinking back to her first memorable crush from the 2000s, and that’s none other than Ryan Merriman. You know, the hottest leprechaun to ever be... Continue Reading →

An Ode to The 2000s Crush 

As Crushgasm nears its one-year anniversary, it’s apparent some names have become common ‘round these here parts. Adam Brody’s Seth Cohen being one of them. Way back during the show’s fourth week when the lovely Be the Spark Cosplay dished about her fictional crushes from Aladdin to ‘Once Upon a Time’s’ Captain Hook, I too... Continue Reading →

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