Looks Your 2000s Crush Likely Rocked

Every decade has certain aspects that make someone crushworthy. Take the ‘90s for example. If you were a boy with hair that was parted down the middle, you probably had everyone’s attention. So as far as the 2000s go, what made someone a 2000s crush? What aspects went into making you the hottest during the turn of the millennium? Well, if you had some of the following, chances are you were definitely someone’s 2000s crush back in the day. 

Spiky Hair

Open any yearbook from the early 2000s and you’ll see a sea of young men with spiky hair, and it was those guys who were almost always getting attention. Or at least trying to. They even got bonus points if their spikes were…bleached! 

Low Rise Jeans

I have PTSD just thinking about these. Not only were they not at all flattering, but because things were in, we then had to be subjected to way too many whale tails. 

Skater Attire

Who didn’t give their heart to a Sk8er Boi back in the day?

Belly Button Piercing

With low-rise jeans came the idea that one needed to then have a sparkly Playboy Bunny charm from on their torso. 

Too Much Denim 

Justin and Britney made it seem okay to look like this and we actually fell for it! 

Being Very Tan

If you liked a white girl back in the 2000s, chances are you actually were into an orange girl. 

Emo Everything 

After spending some time admiring JNCO Jeans, skinny jeans seemed like a wild concept at first but then they took over our hearts along with side-swept hair, guyliner, and the rattiest Vans known to man. 

Trucker Hats 

Raise your hand if you fell for at least one douche in a trucker hat between 2000 and 2005?

Velour Tracksuits 

The 2000s led many to believe that it was attractive to basically wear costly pajamas. 


This is last on the list only because streetwear never goes out of style. Out crushes will forever wear some form of it, only in the 2000s it was very oversized while today people like Kanye West have made it overpriced. 

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