A Fading Celebrity Crush 

If you were a teen or tween in the early ‘00s there was one show that was truly inescapable and that was ‘The OC.’ It took everything Gen X loved about ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ and placed it about an hour (with good traffic) south. It was the small screen obsession of that time, a moment for television – until they killed off one of the core four and tried to push some bullshit BUT before that happened, they introduced a character in the second season that made everyone, including myself have hearts in their eyes. That character was Alex and she was played by actress turned trending topic on Twitter, Olivia Wilde. 

Yes, long before she started dating one of the most well-known boy band to solo artist phenomena, Olivia Wilde was the prettiest fairy-looking human to grace television in the 2000s. Her character, Alex, came through to date hot mess express Marissa Cooper and then well, was gone. Do I remember the details of her entrance and exit from the series? Not really, but I do remember that Seth Cohen now had BIG competition as to who was truly the eye candy of this wild teen show. 

Olivia Wilde was just so beautiful that it was hard to deny crushing on her and I’m not sure anyone who watched ‘The OC’ could argue her magnetism at the time. Then, of course, we got to see her step into movie roles and later pop back up on FOX in what was probably my biggest TV must-watch of that time, ‘House.’ Which, her and Hugh Laurie? Talk about a gorgeous cast. My crush on Olivia Wilde sparked because of her beauty but then I thought, oh…she seems like a really cool person with her activism and whatnot. 

Like many of our celebrity crushes though, they can fade and while I still think she is one of the most stunning humans to ever walk this earth…in recent years the crush has all but left the building due to her allegedly not being as nice as I once thought. I thought she was perfect with her ‘SNL’ baby daddy but once that ended and she headed out into the world with Mr. Watermelon Sugar, I started to think twice about my declaration of love for her. 

Which, happens all of the time with our crushes on famous faces. They come and go but when they leave, we always carry a piece of them with us. Like one of our guests this week. One of the three guys from ‘The Opinionated Podcast’ still has love for his celebrity crush from when he was a kid, while his co-hosts are still gaga over theirs. Find out who their celebrity crushes are and which one’s faded as he got older by checking out this week’s super-sized episode!


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