Teeny Bopper Crush: Gen Z Edition

For my people out there, yes – the ‘90s were wonderful and emo bands were gems but just like Gen X moved aside to let us do our thing and love our boy bands and JTT, we must do the same for Gen Z. So while I don’t understand their obsession with TikTok or their hate towards skinny jeans, I gotta give it up for their cascade of teeny bopper crushes that span from the last golden era of the Disney Channel to influencers and beyond and before you say, why no Harry Styles? No BTS? Because some teen idols transcend above and beyond, honey. 

Zac Efron 

I think we can all agree that ‘High School Musical’ was sort of one of the first things that older Gen Z’s became totally obsessed with, right?

Bretman Rock

The closest thing my generation had to any sort of influencer was scene queens during the emo era, but now? It’s a term that we all know and a very, very lucrative career that kids today are striving to have thanks to the lines of people like beauty influencer, Bretman Rock. 

Miley Cyrus 

Yes, Miley had some… not-so-great moments in her career, but the former Disney star bounced the fuck back and proved that you can move on from gyrating on Robin Thicke. 

Shawn Mendes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I would 100% be humping pillows if I was a tween today with a Shawn Mendes poster on my wall. 

Josie Totah

If you have not watched the reboot of ‘Saved by the Bell’ yet, please do and you’ll understand why she’s on this list. As talented as she is drop-dead gorgeous, she steals every scene she’s in, and every heart along the way. 

Justin Bieber 

My teen idols had the classic part down the middle, Gen Z had the Bieber. 

Jojo Siwa

For the longest time, I had zero idea who this was. Then I realized, this is this generation’s Olsen Twins. 

Wisdom Kaye

Kids today get fashion inspo from people like Wisdom Kaye, and it’s just not fair when you look back and see what my people were working with. I mean…have you seen early ‘00s fashion? 

Olivia Rodrigo 

If there is one thing my people and the youth of today can agree on, it’s Olivia Rodrigo. 

Jonas Brothers

Not since Hanson have ‘Tiger Beat’ readers went that wild for a trio of brothers. 

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