Comic Book Crush: Cosplayers’ Top Picks

You’re probably thinking, Kendra…you don’t fucking cosplay. Yes, this is true but in writing for Cosplay Central I’ve gone through many pages of cosplay Instagrams and attended plenty of conventions to know what comic book characters cosplayers are portraying more often than not. So to pay homage to our guest this week, cosplayer Bryant C., I decided to go shout out the comic book crushes that cosplayers seem to have in that they continue to dress up as them with a passion and flair like no other. 

The Spiderverse

Bryant C. can attest there are plenty of ways to go about delivering a perfect Miles Morales look. He and many other cosplayers have dove into the Spiderverse to deliver a number of Spideys over the years. Bryant’s rocked a Captain America crossover that’s stellar, and at conventions I’ve seen everything from punk rawk Spidey to webslinger that was western-inspired Spider-Man. With this superhero, the possibilities are infinite.

Sailor Moon 

In the world of Manga, Sailor Moon is a queen and cosplayers love to bow down to her royalty by portraying her and the crew. The classic look is one of my absolute favorite character looks, but I also appreciate when cosplayers let their own personalities shine through as well like a Sailor Moon meets Spice Girl mashup? Amazing.

Black Panther

Can anyone ever go wrong with Black Panther?

Harley Quinn

When Margot Robbie came through as Harley Quinn, lawd…the number of cosplayers doing their own interpretations of that character skyrocketed. Every convention was like a sea of HQs, and each one of them was as cool and unique as the last. 


Before this movie even came out, Deadpool was it at conventions and then the fandom grew even more so after Ryan Reynolds brought him to the big screen. I think I’ve seen just about every type of Deadpool by now, but I welcome more! 

Squirrel Girl 

Okay so perhaps I don’t see that many squirrel girls in the world BUT Bryant Collins and Shannon Parola both shouted her out, and I know there is a cult following for this character so I had to include her. 


There are plenty of ways to go about Wolverine from a simple shirtless look with jeans to getting all dolled up. 

Wanda Maximoff

She’s the lady in red that a lot of cosplayers have taken a liking to. 


Even our furry friends can’t help but take on the Man of Steel AKA…I just wanted an excuse to post a dog!


If there is one thing cosplayers are going to do, it’s steal the show when they roll in like Storm. 

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