Kendra’s Top 10 Fictional Crushes

This week Mandy mentioned that because she was shy growing up, it was easier to fall for characters on TV, in movies, and video games more than it was to crush on someone at school. Being as shy as they come, I fucking got it. That wasn’t weird to me. Hell, I am still able to fall hard into crush mode and I’m well into my 30’s now – and yes, they’re mostly all still fictional characters, or in most cases, because it’s all I watch…they’re drag queens sans the drag. Nevertheless, here are the fictional characters who have made my heart pitter-patter over the years…counting them down from “yeah, I love you” to “OMG I AM OBSESSED.” 

Dexter Morgan 

Hey, he was passionate about his…hobby?


I know. I know. That’s not Jim Halpert! Listen, I have watched ‘The Office’ way too much and by the 17th time, you start to kind of…not necessarily hate, but are more annoyed by Jim than enamored. Yes, he’s still hot and if I was in that office I’d be trying to get Pam fired to win him over, but it is John Krasinski as Burt in ‘Away We Go’ that I am infatuated with. I mean, that opening scene alone…OH. YEAH. 

Sam Monroe

There are people that know Hayden Hayden Christensen from ‘Star Wars’ and there are those who know ‘Star Wars’ because of Hayden. I’m in the latter group. My mom made me watch them regardless, but I went into ‘Episode 2’ knowing all too well who Anakin was and that’s because before he was in a galaxy far, far away – Hayden was playing the most angst-ridden teen since Christian Slater’s Jason Dean. I wanted nothing more than to be considered cool enough to be in Sam’s world. 


Was this movie supposed to be anything but hilarious? I grew up very fond of ‘Beetlejuice’ and because of that developed quite a crush on this undead piece of trash.

Zack Morris 

The first cool guy in a long line that would not return my affection. 


As you’ll see from another on this list, I love characters who are not full of themselves but fucking sure of themselves. 

Brian Kinney 

Didn’t I just say I love characters that are sure of themselves? And no other is more sure of themself than Brian from ‘Queer as Folk.’ 

Junior Floyd 

Devon Sawa is ‘Tiger Beat’ royalty, but it was Junior Floyd that caught my attention growing up because he wound up more interested in the tomboy than the cheerleader. It felt like a win for every girl who didn’t fit into the stereotypical feminine mold. 

Robin Hood 

My heart resides with Disney’s version, but I truly just love the idea of Robin Hood in any form because the foundation of what he stands for is fucking over the rich to allow the poor to rise up. I’m ALL about that. 

Seth Cohen 

Is there anyone my age who didn’t watch ‘The OC’ and fall hard as fuck for Seth Cohen? That nerdy (but incredibly hot), sweet guy who dressed perfectly and had hair that was extremely swoon-worthy. 

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