Animated Heart Eyes

Within the last 24 hours, I told my nephew about Crushgasm, and how I interviewed D’Manda Martini about a crush on Beast. He asked, “The furry one?” I said yes, and went on to say we all have our animated crushes and there is nothing weird about that…or is there? Nah, because while some may scoff at the idea of a crush on a character drawn by hand or on a fancy iPad contraption, it’s not out of the ordinary. We’re talking to another cosplayer this week about her crush on various fictional characters, more than half of them…animated in some regards. So of course I had to sit down and pen a piece about the first animated man to steal my heart, and that’s Disney’s, Robin Hood.

Yes, the fox.

As a kid no one could beat Robin Hood in my eyes, of course, that lasted a mere year or so until my mom popped in the likes of ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Grease.’ Johnny, Danny, they could both have whisked me away at five-years-old. However, Robin Hood was probably one of the first guys I ever fell head over heels for, and it wasn’t just because of those sweet eyes and that accent that could melt even the hardest of hearts, it was the character. Robin Hood as a whole – fox or not – is a character I cannot get enough of. Perhaps this is because I grew up in a place that desperately needed someone to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

This is also likely why I’m 100% biased against the Haves in this world. I could go on but I will get on with this animated fox.

Disney set the bar for animated crushes and while Prince Eric and Aladdin are fucking fantastic specimens of the human male species, but they can’t compare to the heart and bravery of Robin Hood. Not to mention that panty-dropping accent that has had me sprung for well over 30 years now. No one quite comes close except maybe – maybe – Basil from ‘The Great Mouse Detective,’ a highly underrated Disney movie that dropped right before the Capitalism Disney Boom, I mean the Disney Renaissance. A time in Disney Robin Hood would’ve hated…for sure.

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