A Lifelong Crush Under the Sea

Most of us have a favorite color, food, school memory, song…the list goes on and on, and that list even includes Disney boyfriends. Any chance I get I will talk your ear off (or make you read) about Robin Hood, and we’ve even talked to Be the Spark Cosplay about her cascade of fictional crushes that included Aladdin. So yeah, Disney boyfriends are not uncommon nor is it out there to be in love with them for the entirety of your life because what’s the harm in keeping a crush like that tucked away in your heart? Nothing, so without further ado, let’s talk about ‘The Little Mermaid’s’ Prince Eric because that is a lifelong crush of mine. 

Inspired by Karen Jane DeWitt this week we are heading down that lifelong crush path and while I wanted to go musical like her, I think you’ve heard enough about my devotion to the one and only Nick Carter. So I thought, hmm, who else will always give me those romantic feelings? Who else has had me sprung since I was a child? Well, Prince Eric actually entered my life way before the Backstreet Boys so it only made sense to talk more about this animated man of royalty. I mean, he is the love interest in what’s probably my favorite Disney movie. Well, maybe second because it’s a toss-up between this and ‘A Goofy Movie.’ Nevertheless, ‘The Little Mermaid’ was and still is a movie that I can turn on and be enthralled with and that’s in part to the handsome Prince Eric. 

For those who’ve somehow never seen ‘The Little Mermaid,’ the titular character – AKA Ariel – spots Prince Eric on a ship and is immediately taken. Which, duh. Look at him. Well, then comes some drama and the ship goes the fuck down. She saves him, he sees her for a split second, and then she has to return to the ocean because…she’s part fish and would’ve flopped to her death if she’d stayed. So fast forward to her bestie Flounder getting her a statue of Prince Eric, her father finding out, and…more drama that leads to Ariel making a deal with a literal sea witch (RIP Pat Carroll) to get legs to go up to the human world and get her man. The only twist is that she can’t talk and…well, I’ve said enough. It’s a Disney movie and you can guess it was happily ever after. 

So more about Prince Eric…I think that pairing of his dark hair and bright blue eyes sent feelings throughout my body as a child because that was not what you saw every day. Especially not at Cabazon Elementary. Oh no. No boy in my kindergarten class looked remotely like that. So there was that, and there was the fact that he was with Ariel – one of the coolest princesses I’d seen in my entire life up to that point – I was five. Before that, all I had were the basic ones like Snow White and Cinderella, which I can’t stand, and Belle…who basically loved a pound puppy. Belle was cool and all, but Ariel was a mermaid, and she got to be with a hot guy. What more could I have loved about her, Eric, and this movie? Literally nothing. 

Not to mention that Prince Eric was royalty and I’m sure next in line to get the throne, so had my five-year-old dreams come true, I would’ve not only married one of the hottest Disney men to date but I’d also be a queen sooner than later. Given all of the above, Prince Eric was and still is the total package.


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