Celebrity Crush: Teen Movie Edition 

Okay so before you start screaming about the likes of Heath Ledger and Freddie Prinze Jr. being MIA from the following list, I must remind you that we’ve already shined a light on their fabulous teen movie faces back when we talked about High School Crushes. With that, this time around I wanted to give some other guys some love and attention, so to all the boys we’ve loved before in teen movies, this one’s for you.

Peter, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

You had to have known Peter was coming, right? While this movie did not resonate with me at all, I can’t deny the fact that this shit made everyone flock to Netflix. It was partly because of Lana Condor’s performance as Lara Jean, but also because viewers were feeling the hell out of Noah Centineo. 

Josh, Clueless

Next up is the most timeless crush anyone alive today can have. Paul Rudd looks maybe an hour older than he did when he played the ex-step brother turned boyfriend to our heroine, Cher Horowitz, in what is arguably the best teen movie – ever. 

Jake Ryan, Sixteen Candles

If you were to paint a portrait of a hot guy in the ‘80s, it’d be Jake Ryan. 

Simon, Love, Simon 

Nick Robinson has gotten some love here at Crushgasm before and for good reason. Look at him. No, look at him. While I was rocking with him since ‘Melissa & Joey,’ the rest of the world caught up by the time he starred in the very cute, ‘Love, Simon.’ 

Austin, A Cinderella Story 

You could not get hotter than Chad Michael Murray in the early 2000s. You just couldn’t. So when he was placed alongside queen bee Lizzie McGuire, we all fell hard. 

Cameron Frye, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I’m not gonna sit here and say Ferris isn’t a cute guy but since I’m the one typing this up when I should be working on something else…Cameron all day.

Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Logan Lerman deserved a fucking Oscar for this role.

Landon Carter, A Walk To Remember

Shane West may not be your type but when you see Landon Carter give everything and then some to a dying Mandy Moore, he instantly becomes your type. 

J.D., Heathers

Who doesn’t love a little psychopath every once in a while? 

Jake Wyler, Not Another Teen Movie

Despite being made only to poke fun at the genre, ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ is a pretty hilarious and enjoyable part of the teen movie family. Plus, it had Chris Evans before he was America’s ass. So there’s that. 

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