Top 10 First Crushes Most Millenials Had

While many of our first crushes sprang from shared babysitters and adolescent activities, there are many whose first loves grew while watching screens both big and small. For millennials, that means TVs that weighed as much as Olmec, and movies that probably cost no more than a few bucks to see in theaters on the weekend. Oh, the ‘90s, we miss you…but not as much as many miss the days when trying to figure out how to marry the following infatuations was their biggest dilemma in life. Yup, these are the first crushes most millennials had growing up. 

10. Kelly Kapowski

Bayside High always offered three various types of girls for people to crush on, but most had their eye on the head cheerleader, the girl next door with obvious model good looks, the girl that almost came between Zack and Slater – Kelly Kapowski. Not only was she quintessential ‘90s hot, but she was also with the coolest guy in school – which when you’re a kid is admirable for some reason.

9. Benny The Jet

When you looked around the empty lot the ragtag group of adolescents played – there weren’t a lot of crush possibilities. Yes, Squints was adorable, and Yeah Yeah was cute but they were mere footnotes when compared to the best player on the team. Benny the Jet was that kid in class you couldn’t help but crush on, plus…he was a good guy. I mean, he gave Smalls a new hat to replace that monstrosity. Yeah…it was probably so he wouldn’t have to be seen with someone rocking a fish hat with a bill so long you could see it a block away, but still.

8. Brandy

It was hard to ignore the power of Brandy back in the day. She dominated the radio, had her own TV show, and even successfully dove into movies and all the while pretty much stayed looking gorgeous to many.

7. Jack Dawson

‘Titanic’ was a MOMENT and from it we got a Celine Dion singing for her motherfucking life like she was on the boat, a little history, and of course a hot, artsy drifter who made 99.9% of those who watch want to find a car – immediately. Leonardo DiCaprio was/is a handsome man, but it is Jack Dawson that got hormones racing the Grand Prix.

6. Pamela Anderson

Long before Kim Kardashian ushered in the era of ass, Pamela Anderson gave us the Boob Period. Much like Marilyn Monroe before her, she was a Playboy centerfold that put blondes on a pedestal for a long ass time. It didn’t hurt that those into her could tune into ‘Baywatch’ and watch her bounce around the beach in that iconic red one-piece.

5. Anyone in a Boy Band

Okay, so this could have been one of a hundred or so guys who managed to land in a synchronized dance formation in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, but we’re going to clump them all in one big bunch because well – no reason. It’s just how does one choose between the Nick Carter fandom and that of Justin Timberlake at that time? I mean, we could obviously count out Chris Kirkpatrick and 98 Degrees’ Justin Jeffre, but the actual hot boy band members? There were just so many that left tween hearts pittering and pattering.

4. Kimberly Hart AKA The Pink Ranger

I hated this bitch. How dare she come for my man Tommy…However, not everyone grew up with a jealous rage aimed at the Pink Ranger. Many my age would say her gymnast skills and pink wardrobe drove them wild.

3. Prince Eric

There are a myriad of Disney Prince’s that we’ve fallen hard for over the years, but Prince Eric was legit the first to look like a fine-ass man. For that, he is here repping his Disney brothers.

2. Winnie Cooper

As much as some dreamed of marrying the sweet boy they grew up with, others did just the same as they daydreamed about the nice girl from their neighborhood. Winnie Cooper embodied the true spirit of a first crush like no other and will forever be many millennials’ first. 

1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Tiger Beat would not have been shit in those days without Jonathan Taylor Thomas, more commonly known as JTT. He was on the walls of kids near and far because he was just the most precious moment, ever. The hair, that smile, the fact that he voices fucking Simba? He was the total package to most nine-year-olds in 1995.

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