Nerdy Crush: Small Screen Edition 

With both mine and Freddie Fisher III’s nerdy crushes coming from some of our favorite television series, I thought it was only fitting that we round out this week paying homage to some other iconic TV nerds. When you think back, so many come to mind and initially, I had over a dozen but had... Continue Reading →

90s Crush: The Tiger Beat Scene Queens

Back in the day, it was damn near impossible to find someone who didn’t think Topanga Lawrence was one of the most beautiful people in the world. Some wanted to be her and others, like my guest this week William Hinson, wanted to be with her. She wasn’t the only one though. The 90s were... Continue Reading →

Steve G’s ’90s Crush

When he isn’t scrolling through Porsha Williams’ Instagram, Steve G. is rocking it out in Priests of Hiroshima, and hosting not one but two podcasts; Happened in the 90s and Over The Culture. Today, Steve G. is talking about his crush on two notable small screen wonders from the 90s; Lisa Turtle and Ashley Banks.... Continue Reading →

A Fictional Crush…

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a crush on someone that well, doesn’t exist. For me, it’s like loving Jack Dawson from ‘Titanic’ but not wanting to fuck Leonardo DiCaprio in the back of an old-timey car on a cruise ship that’s about five minutes from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 First Crushes Most Millenials Had

While many of our first crushes sprang from shared babysitters and adolescent activities, there are many whose first loves grew while watching screens both big and small. For millennials, that means TVs that weighed as much as Olmec, and movies that probably cost no more than a few bucks to see in theaters on the... Continue Reading →

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