Nerdy Crush: Small Screen Edition 

With both mine and Freddie Fisher III’s nerdy crushes coming from some of our favorite television series, I thought it was only fitting that we round out this week paying homage to some other iconic TV nerds. When you think back, so many come to mind and initially, I had over a dozen but had to whittle it down. So my apologies to runners-up like Andrea from ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and one of my favorite middle children, Carol from ‘Growing Pains,’ perhaps next time. Until then…let’s get to the ones that did make the cut!

Dwight Shrute, The Office 

There were a lot of nerds employed by Dunder Mifflin. Pam was a dork, Oscar was a trivia champ, and Gabe was well, Gabe. However, none of them quite compare or will ever compare to the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ loving Dwight Shrute. Who else would come through their place of work, leveling up each year, as Recyclops? 

Jessie Spano, Saved by the Bell

You’re definitely a school nerd if you’d take way too many caffeine pills. 

Will Byers, Stranger Things

You know what I hate about ‘Stranger Things?’ How they play Will every single season. First, he was stuck in the Upside Down, then possessed, then the lone wolf while everyone was hitting puberty, and in the fourth season…that haircut?! They’re all little nerds playing D&D, but Will’s life is just…I’m gonna need him to get some respect before the series ends. 

Sue Heck, The Middle 

The best part about Sue is her willingness to try it all, even if she’s not great at any of it. 

Carlton Banks, The Fresh Prince Bel-Air

That dance says more than words ever could.

Bernadette Rostenkowski, The Big Bang Theory 

There were a lot of cuties on ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ but you have got to give it to Bernadette for being the most cutthroat, feisty human in their slice of Pasadena. 

Niles Crane, Frasier

Here we have the stuck up, educated nerd in all his glory. Seriously, if you’ve yet to binge ‘Frasier,’ do so today. It’s on Hulu.

Felicity Smoak, Arrow 

I’m not sure there is a computer system Felicity couldn’t navigate her way through while helping save the world in the process. 

Steve Urkel, Family Matters

Steve Urkel was and may still be the king of the nerds. 

Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons

Who better to top this list than the nerd who has been playing the role since the late ‘80s? 

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