90s Crush: The Tiger Beat Scene Queens

Back in the day, it was damn near impossible to find someone who didn’t think Topanga Lawrence was one of the most beautiful people in the world. Some wanted to be her and others, like my guest this week William Hinson, wanted to be with her. She wasn’t the only one though. The 90s were... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Songs That Made Millennials Think About Their Middle School Crush

So I'll start by saying that these songs are for the middle millennials. Not the geriatric or the ones that were born towards the tail end. Although, these songs are such classics that they probably stood the test of time by the time those kids reached junior high. Anyways...I heard one of these songs on... Continue Reading →

Top 10 First Crushes Most Millenials Had

While many of our first crushes sprang from shared babysitters and adolescent activities, there are many whose first loves grew while watching screens both big and small. For millennials, that means TVs that weighed as much as Olmec, and movies that probably cost no more than a few bucks to see in theaters on the... Continue Reading →

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