An Awakening

The wonderful thing about my guest this week’s story is that their sexual awakening it wasn’t just one singular moment. Which, I think many can attest to because each time you reach a new level of sexual maturity – or in their case, a personal discovery of self – you’re going to be awoken in the nether regions by someone new. For this week’s guest, they went from an angel to a guy lost in a dream…or reality (I’m still not sure what the movie he’s from is about) to their real-life fiance. Each one of them awoke a new layer of they are, but today I’d like to talk about my first sexual awakening because it came early. 

Some of my favorite days when I was younger were the ones where my mom cleaned. Like, move the furniture, rent a carpet cleaner, make sure I sit in one spot – clean. On some sunny California day in what I can only assume was either summer or spring, we had one of those days. Maybe my grandma was set to visit – maybe not. I don’t remember anything other than the cleaning and the dancing. ‘Dirty Dancing’ that is. 

I couldn’t have been more than five-years-old when my mom shoved our ‘Dirty Dancing’ VHS in the VCR and with that, decided it was an acceptable movie for a kindergartner to watch…and watch I did. I was enthralled with the story, and there was no one I wanted to be more in that moment than Baby. She rocked a simple by stylish ensemble, had cute curls, and most of all…she got to do something with Johnny. 

Patrick Swayze’s Johnny Castle had to have been the first man I remember looking at and thinking, I want that. Yes, I’d fallen in love with Disney’s Robin Hood not too long before and juggled a romance with him and Alvin from the Chipmunks but Johnny Castle was well, different. He was neither animated nor an animal, but rather a man who made me feel things. I admit, I got a tingle down south but because I was barely mastering my alphabet – I had no idea what it meant until a few short years later when an onslaught of ‘Tiger Beat’ centerfolds entered the game. 

Johnny Castle was not only this strong-bodied up man, but he could dance and I think movement was huge in my head because in the years that followed I had the same feelings for Danny Zuko, boy bands, and Channing Tatum. Ironically, my guy wouldn’t win ‘So You Say You Can Dance’ – ever, but I love him nonetheless. Anyways, Johnny…my oh my, when they crawled to one another, the water scene, that jump off the stage? I am getting flustered just thinking about these iconic moments that awoke a certain part of me. 

And once it was awakened, it was hard to put back to sleep. Johnny Castle was just the start, but since then many have screamed and rattled my lady parts from Zack Morris to Nick Carter to Anderson Cooper and John Oliver. Each one adding a new layer of myself. 


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