So Random…

After a while, one’s crushes seem to follow a pattern. So much so your friends could look at a lineup and KNOW who you’d pick. So whenever the idea of a random crush comes up, what that means is someone that is perhaps out of the ordinary. For my guest this week, that randomness came... Continue Reading →

An Awakening

The wonderful thing about my guest this week's story is that their sexual awakening it wasn’t just one singular moment. Which, I think many can attest to because each time you reach a new level of sexual maturity - or in their case, a personal discovery of self - you’re going to be awoken in... Continue Reading →

A First Crush

While my mom and her best friend wound up pregnant at the same time and forced me and the boy child to pair up, Chris wasn’t my first crush. He was just someone I spent most of my early childhood with and in reality is more like a brother than anything else. So when I... Continue Reading →

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