So Random…

After a while, one’s crushes seem to follow a pattern. So much so your friends could look at a lineup and KNOW who you’d pick. So whenever the idea of a random crush comes up, what that means is someone that is perhaps out of the ordinary. For my guest this week, that randomness came from an animated movie – not because the crush was 2D but more so because the crush was not even human. Their crush is random for some, but for me…my random love was aimed at a man old enough to have been my great, great, great, great, great grandpa (okay maybe not that old, but still) – Larry King. 

First of all, RIP to my random crush – love you, always and forever….but how did this random crush start? Well, as a girl who puts a lot of stock into the shoes a man wears, I saw a picture of Larry King in Converse and that was it. Simple as that. Well, not so simple. I’ll explain a little further. See, older people tend to think they have to get their footwear at stores dedicated to comfortable, boxy shoes that look like leather couches from the ‘80s in shades of beige. Not Larry. He rocked his blue Chucks with a Dodger jacket like no other, and my heart fluttered. 

Would I have fucked Larry King? Probably not given he was older than electricity, but at the end of the day his little Converse-wearing ass even had me swooning over his appearance in the cinematic classic, ‘Bee Movie.’ I’d watch him occasionally on CNN until he left that network and always kept an eye on what he was up to here and there, because when you enter someone’s heart as a crush – you tend to have their attention for life, whether the crush remains or not. 

I was sad to hear of his passing, much like many around the world, but as I said earlier – my love for Larry is always and forever – and all thanks to a singular paparazzi shot of him in the cutest footwear a man can wear. 

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