Top Moments That Sexually Awoke Millennials

Everyone has their personal crushes and moments that have garnered their sexual awakening, but some are just some moments in pop culture that are so epic – it seems like we all went through that shit together. Whether it was watching one of the dumbest movies of the ‘90s with one of the hottest men at the time swinging around half-naked or discovering a new side of yourself while you sang along to the radio, these are the top moments that sexually awoke millennials. 

10. ‘George of the Jungle’

This movie would never win anything other than a Razzie, but Brendan Fraser’s body was worth an Oscar – and we all took notice. 

9. ‘Pretty Woman’

For some reason, this was a movie so many of us watched with our family. I say that because it was about some rich guy with issues hiring a hooker for the week. It wasn’t so much the plot that left us sexually sprung but rather the scene where Vivian went down on Edward while ‘I Love Lucy’ played in the background. 

8. ‘Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” Video 

The only thing that can happen when a group of five men sing and dance in the rain shirtless and/or soaked GAP threads is tweens and teens around the world simultaneously going through puberty. 

7. ‘Queer as Folk’ 

When it came to LGBTQ representation on TV back in the day, the bare minimum about sums it up. ‘Will & Grace’ was around but it was basically ‘Sesame Street’ compared to what Showtime delivered with ‘Queer as Folk.’ It wasn’t just the cascade of sex scenes, but the whole damn series that allowed so many to see themselves, or discover that perhaps there was a side of them they didn’t know anything about. 

6. Ginuwine’s “Pony” 

Did anyone else’s bus driver bump this song back in elementary school? It’s no wonder one of the parents got our radio banned to and from schools. This shit was/is wild! Once you realized it wasn’t an anthem for horse girls everywhere, you were like…okay, but how do I add this to my sexy ass cassette mixtape?

5. The Internet 

It wasn’t the worst of times with the internet, and it wasn’t the best of times either but those who with access to a home computer used the fuck out of those AOL discs to simply Ask Jeeves one thing, porn? 

4. Cable After Midnight

For the rest of the youths at the time without access to the world wide web, it was all about waiting until the clock struck midnight. That’s when Cinemax, Showtime, and HBO all got dirty as fuck if we didn’t stare wide awake in the sexual department. 

3. Britney Spears’ Schoolgirl Uniform 

The second she let “Oh baby baby” leave those lips, the southern hemisphere for many millennials sprang into action. 

2. BET Uncut 

We’ve talked a lot about musical moments, but none got as close to Cinemax after dark quite like the videos that made up BET Uncut. 

1. ‘Cruel Intentions’ 

Sebastian’s ass when he got out of the pool, Kathryn and Cecile’s picnic kiss, Counting Crows playing during passionate lovemaking? If you’re around my age and didn’t watch this movie in middle school – you missed out on a movie that bonded us all in a very big way. 

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