Middle School Crush: The Bad Boys

Rachel McIntyre Smith found herself enamored as soon as a skater boy with nothing in his backpack but her middle school crush dreams, and it would’ve worked in her favor if…well, you’ll have to listen to how this singer-songwriter managed to fumble. Oh, it’s a story fit for the screen, and perhaps one day it will be because we need more shows and movies surrounding those years of our lives because it’s kind of slim pickings. High school has so many movies and TV shows dedicated to it, but middle school…they’re sparse, but I did manage to round up more than a handful of bad boys from the big and small screen who were the epitome of a middle school crush. 

Billy Loomer, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Ned was that guy you friend zoned, Seth Powers was the guy everyone loved, but Billy Loomer was that intrigued you in the same way Nelson did Lisa on ‘The Simpsons’ that one time. 

Zig Novak, Degrassi

If you haven’t fallen for a boy with all the struggles in the world going on at home, then you have a friend who for sure has. 

Phillips, The Sandlot 

If you’ve seen ‘The Sandlot’ a ridiculous amount of times, or even just once, then you very well know this kid. He’s that snobby rich kid who tried to come for our ragtag ball players. He also symbolizes every annoying rich kid we gravitate towards in middle school because for too long we were taught that money equals attractiveness but in recent years, thanks to the likes of Kanye West and Elon Musk…we know money just equals the ultimate red flag.

Roger M. Klotz, Doug

Roger went from the broke kid acting out to the rich bastard, but along the way, he was a crush in a shade of green. 

Sean Cameron, Degrassi

Not my cup of tea, but Sean is top-tier when it comes to bad boy crushes, middle school or not. Of course, he got his act together but back in the day…I would’ve been less than thrilled if my kid came home with him. 

Shawn Hunter, Boy Meets World

This sweetheart is like Diet Bad Boy because compared to his BFF, yes, he was a rebel without a cause. Nevertheless, Shawn Hunter will forever be in the bad boy middle school crush hall of fame. 

Jay Bilzerian, Big Mouth 

If there is one bad boy on this list who is the definition of a wild ride, it’s our favorite pillow-fornicating magician. 

Craig Manning, Degrassi 

Craig is the dream guy when you’re 13, but then you hit 16 and you’re like…what the fuck was I thinking? He is a hot mess. 

Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter

Was he really that bad or was it the house? 

Reese, Malcolm in the Middle 

If you were to draw your average class troublemaker in the 2000s that every girl loved, there’s a good chance you’d just be drawing Reese with those typical JCPenney clothes and spiked hair. 


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