Middle School Crush: The Bad Boys

Rachel McIntyre Smith found herself enamored as soon as a skater boy with nothing in his backpack but her middle school crush dreams, and it would’ve worked in her favor if…well, you’ll have to listen to how this singer-songwriter managed to fumble. Oh, it’s a story fit for the screen, and perhaps one day it... Continue Reading →

Rachel McIntyre Smith’s Middle School Crush

Singer-songwriter Rachel McIntyre Smith just dropped ‘Glory Daze,’ and was kind enough to come talk about our attachment to the past, whether or not high school reunions still mean something, and more like how she fumbled big time when it came to her middle school crush! https://youtu.be/COc4HQJv_tc

A Musical Middle School Crush

When it comes to a crush tale, I was absolutely enamored with what Rachel McIntyre Smith had to say about her middle school crush. The singer-songwriter fumbled big time but was in good spirits about it as we talked about the skater boy who stole her heart once upon a time. In hindsight, she was... Continue Reading →

The Hot Topic Middle School Crush

When I was growing up, four elementary schools wound up having to funnel into two middle schools. We basically had to choose which school, and what people, we wanted to be around for the most fucked up formative years of our lives. Sadly, the boy I’d crushed on throughout most of elementary school had chosen... Continue Reading →

The Middle School Crush

Is there anything as intense as a crush during the era of your life known as middle school? The hormones are coming in hot, you’re feeling all sorts of new shit, and you believe that if that one person you like doesn’t like you back - your life is worthless and you’re the ugliest human... Continue Reading →

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