Middle School Crush: The Cringe of It All

If there’s anything we’ve learned talking about the middle school crush be it with Todd Way or Nate Jones is that there are going to be cringe moments. It just has to be that way because middle school is the age when just about every move we make is awkward and probably what takes up 90% of our time when in therapy. No, but seriously…why did I say that one thing in 7th grade? Ugh! Traumatic memories aside, this week we’re looking at the top 10 cringiest things we’ve all most certainly done when it comes to our middle school crush. 

Doodled Our Names Together 

Why oh why are we even thinking about marriage at 12 like it’s 1765? Yes, some people date at that age, but very few go on and marry that person. So looking back, it’s kind of weird to think of how many notebooks were wasted practicing your signature with their last name, and doodling “You + Me = Love” everywhere. 

School Dances

Aside from talent shows at that age, the dances of middle school just, no. From the asking to the possible rejections to the weird dancing that goes on. It’s a no from me dog. 

Masterminding Group Projects

How many people worked overtime to ensure that at the end of the day, when it came to group projects their ass was in the same group as their middle school crush? It didn’t even matter if they were the dud that was going to slow the damn group down either, you just wanted any and every excuse to be able to do homework at their house. 

Walking by Their House 

Finding out where your crush lived was huge back in my day because then you could either stroll on by or have your mom take that way for no other reason than you showing your true colors as a bonafide stalker. 

Social Watch 

This is definitely more for those crushing in middle school in more modern times because *cue the old-timey boy band music* back in my day, we didn’t have all that. Today? You can constantly keep tabs on your crush thanks to the cascade of social media at your fingertips. 

Dressing Cool 

Dressing to impress is something that does not go away as we get older. Hell, many get worse with this with age but it seems the majority of us started doing this thanks to puberty in middle school. 


Smoking, drinking, partying like you’re grown. Yeah, many go above and beyond to act like one of them out-of-control teens on ‘Maury’ just to prove to their crush how “cool” they are when really, no 14-year-old looks cool smoking. 

“Liking” What They Like 

In middle school, your confidence just ain’t right most of the time, and those insecurities can often lead people to fake it till they make it. Meaning they’ll pretend to be into the dumbest shit just to get in with their crush. 

Sending Messengers

Again, the confidence just ain’t there for many in middle school so when feelings did arise – a lot of people outsourced to find out intel. Remember sending your friend to talk to their friend about the situation? Omg, why don’t people just communicate directly? 

The Dramatics

Looking back, the worst and most cringy part of a middle school crush is how fucking dramatic we made them out to be at the time. Like our minds couldn’t comprehend that person was probably not the love of our lives and it was going to be okay that they didn’t pick you in PE that one day. While it felt like the end of the world then, it’s nice when you get past that point and can just laugh at how extra you once were about it all. 

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