Middle School Crush: The Bad Boys

Rachel McIntyre Smith found herself enamored as soon as a skater boy with nothing in his backpack but her middle school crush dreams, and it would’ve worked in her favor if…well, you’ll have to listen to how this singer-songwriter managed to fumble. Oh, it’s a story fit for the screen, and perhaps one day it... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go There: Least Crushable Degrassi Characters

When I first sat down to write this, I was trying to go for the ultimate ‘Degrassi’ Crush list but with only 10 spots to fill, I just couldn’t. There were just too many but least crushable? That was something I could work with. So based on just how annoying these characters were in the... Continue Reading →

Meshia’s Degrassi Crush

YouTuber Meshia runs the ultimate ‘Degrassi’ channel, so it was only fitting she stop by and talk about not only a few of her Degrassi High crushes, but all things that go there!

Let’s Go There: A Degrassi Crush

When ‘Degrassi’ first entered our lives, my friends and I were in high school and spent many a Friday evening gathered around my bestie’s TV as she was the only one with access to that channel. Being teenagers with hormones, we immediately decided who was whose boyfriends and we all wanted Craig. I mean, Craig... Continue Reading →

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