Let’s Go There: Least Crushable Degrassi Characters

When I first sat down to write this, I was trying to go for the ultimate ‘Degrassi’ Crush list but with only 10 spots to fill, I just couldn’t. There were just too many but least crushable? That was something I could work with. So based on just how annoying these characters were in the grand scheme of things, these are the least crushable ‘Degrassi’ characters. 

Sean Cameron

Just never liked the Marshall Mathers vibe. 

Esme Song

By the end of the Netflix run, we were actually starting to get to know why Esme was the way she was, but sadly never got to have it fully realized as the streaming service decided to do a disservice and cancel the show altogether. 

Hunter Hollingsworth

This character would’ve been the kid that freaked me the fuck out growing up. 

Derek Haig

Danny deserved a way better bestie. 

Jonah Haak

He always came off as uppity and condescending. 

Ashley Kerwin

During my quarantine rewatch of the first seven or eight seasons I realized Ashley was not someone I would have ever wanted to be around, and it wasn’t her goth phase. I love a good goth! It was that she reminded me of every kid I didn’t like in high school.

Craig Manning

Speaking of too fucking much, look who we have here…attractive? Yes. A little too much cocaine for me? Yes. 

Maya Matlin

Anyone who has heard me talk at length about ‘Degrassi’ knows that if I’d have been a student at Degrassi, I would’ve absolutely loathed Maya. From her personality to that same damn song she kept singing all the time…how she had people fighting over her is questionable. 

Johnny DiMarco

Was never a fan of the attitude and the mind games he played when he first got with Ali. 

Luke Baker 

No real explanation needed here. 

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