Page-Turning Book Crush

For the first time in Crushgasm history, we’re hitting the books! Yes, because this week we welcome Lala Loves to the show with her book crush. Which meant I had to be more of a buyer of books and more of a reader…which, you can tell from my book crush – I haven’t done a lot of major fiction reading since the Scholastic Book Fair was the purest form of joy in my life. 

In recent years I’ve only really fucked with memoirs and could have easily gone on and on about Mindy Kaling or Shonda Rhimes as their books were/are phenomenal. Alas, Lala Loves went with a fictional character, so I wanted to stay in line with that and thought…the only fictional character from a book I’ve read, or at least the one that came to mind first, was Logan Bruno from ‘The Baby-sitters Club’ series. 

To be honest, I cannot remember how Logan was described back in the day as it’s been literal years since I’ve read the pages he was introduced on, but I do recall why he was one of my first book boyfriends. It was all because he was the boy Mary Anne eventually dated, and if you know me – Mary Anne is my motherfucking girl. Born insanely shy, I immediately connected with the BSC secretary, and all that revolve around her. It was similar to why I loved Devon Sawa in ‘Little Giants’ and ‘Now & Then.’ Logan fell for a girl that was, in a small way, like me. So the idea of Logan Bruno gave me this spark of hope that my crippling fear of speaking to someone first wouldn’t leave me forever alone. 

Like Lala Loves, I got to see a big-screen version of my book crush. You’ll find out who hers is on Wednesday. Hint – she saw hers years after mine as the book and movie are more recent additions to the pop culture realm. For me, I was a mere eight when the BSC movie dropped and I think we can all agree that this perfectly cast movie did Logan Bruno justice. Shout out to Austin O’Brien for bringing Logan to life all them years ago. Of course, we got another Logan when Netflix brought back our favorite group of preteen babysitters but sadly, Netflix decided that despite great reviews and fans being OBSESSED – they needed to cancel it. Bummer that a new generation didn’t get their own Logan for too long. 

Back to my Logan though, it was in between the pages of so many BSC books that we first met, and he stole my heart instantly just because – in a world where you have New York City Stacey and cool ass Claudia – Logan went for the shy girl next door. I’m sure I’m not the only reader on earth who crushed on Logan for that exact reason. Which, me and Lala Loves talked about a bit when diving into the idea of YA and the fantasy that genre gives its readers…for more of that conversation, make sure to check the new episode out this Wednesday! 

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