The Current Movie Star Crush List 

Since we talked to Tim Lagman about his movie star crush - that’s where we’re heading today!  And before you wonder, where the fuck is Zendaya and Michael B. Jordan - this list of movie star crushes is based on those who had movies out this year already. Yes, I'm aware I've done this earlier... Continue Reading →

Tim Lagman’s Movie Star Crush

We’re seeing stars (and much more) this week because we’re talking to none other than Tim Lagman. A sex educator and podcaster who is here to talk not only about ‘The Sex Ed with Tim Podcast,’ but also all things Tom Hiddleston…from Tumblr days to notebooks filled with dream scenarios.

Seeing Stars: A Movie Star Crush

Take a trip to The Dollar Tree because we’re heading to the movies this week with a delight by the name of Tim Lagman to talk about a movie star crush - but before we reveal who that is, we’ll start like we always do by introducing you to mine for this week and that... Continue Reading →

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