Seeing Stars: A Movie Star Crush

Take a trip to The Dollar Tree because we’re heading to the movies this week with a delight by the name of Tim Lagman to talk about a movie star crush – but before we reveal who that is, we’ll start like we always do by introducing you to mine for this week and that is none other than…

Channing Tatum!

Now let me start by saying that no, I don’t love every single movie he has been in. I just fell asleep trying to watch that one with Sandra Bullock and will likely never watch the one about a dog. I’m a loyal fan, right? I mean, if you can’t be critical of your crush – do you really love them? Anyways…I first fell enamored with Channing Tatum after watching a little movie called ‘She’s The Man.’ 

If you’ve yet to watch this Amanda Bynes’ vehicle, please do. It’s one of those switcheroo movies in which she disguises herself as her brother and then falls in love with her roommate – Tatum – in the process. I watched it with about a pound of sour candy in my tummy but left with a new crush in my heart that day. For some time after that, I was head over heels for that man. I would watch just about anything he was in – and did. Remember that one movie with…I want to say it was Kevin James? Man, the amount of money I spent at the theater back in the day. No wonder I was broke. Well, that and I was writing for pennies. 

Channing Tatum though, my oh my. What a male specimen. When compared to my other celebrity crush, Jesse Eisenberg, it really makes zero sense that both of them would be admired by the same person but alas, how can one look at Channing Tatum in ‘Magic Mike’ and not be like, OKAY I GET IT?

Yes, we’ve reached the portion of this rambling of words in which we talk about the movie that shined a light on the world of male strippers and that is ‘Magic Mike.’ Which, I’m being honest…the sequel was way better than the first in terms of plot BUT if we’re talking about the um, cinematography – both were on point in that regard. Bless Channing Tatum for bringing his real-life stripper history to the big screen in such a magical way that we got not only him but also a plethora of other beautifully stacked men to shake it like Metro Station’s one and only hit song. 

On top of being in movies that have made me giggle and having a body that refuses to quit, I also crush on the fact that Channing Tatum also seems to be a really awesome person. Every single time I waited outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio – he didn’t hesitate to come over and meet and greet every fan (and annoying autograph hound) that was waiting in that back alley. He also wrote a book for his daughter, and when he appeared on ‘Lip Sync Battle’ he not only did “Let It Go” for his baby girl but then also did Beyonce…with Beyonce. Okay, like…you have to be some level of amazing to get Queen Bey to agree to perform alongside your ass, right? My thoughts exactly. 

While my crush on Channing Tatum has calmed down a bit from my 20s, he remains a movie star crush I’ll always be grateful for. 

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