Celebrity Crush: Small Screen Edition

If one thing is for sure, it’s that there is no shortage of great television to watch. Like Dana B. Myers, a lot of us are tuning into HBO weekly not only to watch some amazing programs but to swoon over crushworthy actors who make watching that much better. HBO isn’t the only place though, we have Netflix, Apple TV, regular old cable, and so many more. With that, let’s take a look at some of the actors from TV that have become yours, mine, and our collective celebrity crushes recently. 

Michael C. Hall, Dexter 

Wait, did I just say recently? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock with the anti-vaxxers and those who can’t seem to fathom wearing a piece of fabric in Walmart, you may’ve missed the news that ‘Dexter’ done came back from the dead – again. Whether or not this reignited your love of Michael C. Hall, or made you a new fan, you were falling hard for this serial killer with a somewhat heart of gold. 

Quinta Brunson, Abbott Elementary 

After ABC did ‘Single Parents’ dirty, I sort of lost faith. So I’m on edge about how they’ll treat ‘Abbott Elementary’ in a year or so, but for now – let’s rejoice in a delightful new comedy from and starring the amazingly talented Quinta Brunson. 

Penn Badgley, You

I’ve never seen a single episode but people be going insane over this dude. 

Danielle Brooks, Peacemaker

‘Orange is the New Black’ helped bring about the binge era of television, and Danielle Brooks’ Taystee played a huge part in that. So it was hard to imagine her as anyone other than someone who woke up with BBQ sauce on their titties, but she’s managed to as Leota Adebayo on HBO’s DC venture, ‘Peacemaker.’ 

Jason Bateman, Ozark

Is there anything hotter than Jason Bateman’s deadpan reactions to life, especially when it’s to a cartel boss as Marty Byrde in ‘Ozark? Nope. 

Christina Ricci, Yellowjackets

The queen of the ‘90s kids movie scene is back and dare we say…better than ever?

Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

We have an episode coming up in March where I go on about how and why I’m rooting for this man. Stay tuned! 

Henry Cavill, The Witcher

Nobody wants him as Superman but they all want him as this roided out Legolas…

Zendaya, Euphoria 

It’s clear that if there is a list in which Zendaya can be on it, she’s going to be on it. 

Kieran Culkin, Succession 

This Culkin has been shining bright for years, it’s nice that everyone is starting to take notice. 

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