The Lost Crush

When Kyndra Crump came to me with the idea of talking about her lost crush, I was a little confused because I didn’t really know how to approach this from my perspective. In her case, the crush just wasn’t meant to be – but you can find out more about why when my chat with the Atlanta-based standup comedian drops Wednesday…

So I sat on this for a long while because growing up there was absolutely nobody that was interested in me romantically. Nobody. I could perhaps conjure up the fantasy that a childhood crush maybe, just maybe liked me but yeah, no. So for me, a lost crush is just someone who perhaps could’ve been a great match, or more realistically in this case a great crush story, but you let slip through the cracks because your attention was elsewhere. For me, that’s this kid I knew back in high school. 

Actually, we met in middle school. I think he was a sixth grader when I was on top of the junior high food chain in eighth. He was such a little shit then, but come high school – we were in the same broke kids college outreach program and spent some time together after school. It was then that I realized he wasn’t like the myriad of other guys at the time swooning over the girls that made my life hell for one reason or another. He clearly saw through their counterfeit charm, and that made him that much more attractive to me at the time. Looking back, it was very Nick and Missy from ‘Big Mouth’ when they bonded over being pissed off at the world. Only, it never went further than after school. 

That’s for so many reasons though. One being that I was not a looker. Again, no one had a crush on me growing up, and I’m sure if I’d even tried to engage in asking this guy to hang out beyond school grounds – I would still be trying to recover from the embarrassment almost 20 years later. Two being that I thought this guy was cute, funny, and we obviously could not stand the same people but I was hung up on an older boy a who was was struggling so much in the grades department, he was heading to the school where those over 18 have to go to get their diploma, or opt for a GED. Great judgment, right? Fact, I actually did try to hang out with the 18+ guy after graduation, and it did not pan out well. I’m shocked it didn’t take me 10 years to recover from that, but alas – college was different, for like three months. 

Anyways, the boy from after school is a lost crush always and forever because who knows what could have been if I’d had the balls to say something, the looks to back it up, and the brains to know that one should not obsess over someone who well, isn’t the best match for you in many ways. 

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