The 2022 Emmy Crush Winner Circle

They’ve already started awarding Emmys this week with RuPaul taking one home, and the creative darlings behind HBO’s ‘We’re Here’ winning in costume and makeup…but we’ve yet to reach the night they start dishing out the awards for Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Drama, Best Guest Actor in a Lifetime Original Movie. Okay, I... Continue Reading →

Shows That Housed Every Disney Channel Crush

Okay, so this list doesn’t date back to the days before Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were rocking the fuck out of denim, or even the days after they parted ways. This list is dedicated to the era of the Disney Channel in which this week’s guest, Tristen Davies, grew up with. Now while my... Continue Reading →

The Current Movie Crush List 

There is no denying that if Tom Hanks walked in your line of view you would freak out because he’s freaking Tom Hanks. A movie icon. Forrest. Fucking. Gump. However, while he’s still making amazing movies today, there is a new crop of heavy hitters that have been working their way up the icon ladder... Continue Reading →

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