The 2022 Emmy Crush Winner Circle

They’ve already started awarding Emmys this week with RuPaul taking one home, and the creative darlings behind HBO’s ‘We’re Here’ winning in costume and makeup…but we’ve yet to reach the night they start dishing out the awards for Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Drama, Best Guest Actor in a Lifetime Original Movie. Okay, I made that last one up but can you imagine if those holiday movies had an awards show? Moms who do craft videos on TikTok would be LIVING. Anyways, with it being Emmy time, we’ve dedicated this week to Emmy nominee crushes. Monday celebrated ‘Abbott Elementary,’ Wednesday gave you half of the list below, and today – you’re getting the full shebang. My top 10 crushes from the 2022 Emmys.

Tom Pelphrey, Ozark

Talk about overdue. This was the one person I was looking forward to rooting for last year because the car scene just broke my heart in new ways. Alas, he is nominated this year. Better late than never I suppose. 

Zendaya, Euphoria 

All hail the Queen. Zendaya could do no wrong in my book. I mean, how many times can I rave about her here before you get that she is my ultimate supreme at the moment? 

Anthony Carrigan, Barry

This week’s episode kicked off with my love of Anthony Carrigan’s Noho Hank from HBO’s ‘Barry,’ so you can listen to me go on and on about him here. 

Queer Eye

To quote a Paramore song, “After all this time, I’m still into you.” Netflix has been in it to win it since giving us ‘Orange is the New Black’ all them years ago, and yeah – have had some misses but when it comes to ‘Queer Eye,’ nothing but a big ol hit. Every season you can expect to laugh, cry, and wonder what the fuck Antoni is doing…

Julia Garner, Ozark 

Another one mentioned in this week’s episode because when it comes to Julia Garner and her role as Ruth Langmore, enough can never be said about how excellent she is. 

Janelle James, Abbott Elementary 

It’s hard for me to fall in love with every single character on a show but ‘Abbott Elementary’ done made me do all of that, but a special shout out to Janelle James is in order because she is well on her way to cementing herself as one of those pop culture icon characters with this principal role. 

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

This movie had the potential to be a dumpster fire, but anytime something leans into how ridiculous it is…it’s hard for audiences to deny it, and thank goodness for that, or else I would be looking dumb as fuck with these creatures tattooed on my leg. 

Jason Bateman, Ozark

How many people from ‘Ozark’ do I crush on? Okay, this is the final one and he’s only a bit higher than the others because I’ve been in love with Jason Bateman’s deadpan delivery since ‘Arrested Development.’ 

RuPaul’s Drag Race

If you’d like to know more about why this show about drag queens saved my sanity, listen here. 

Issa Rae, Insecure 

A decade ago this girl I sat next to at one of the many dead-end jobs I’ve taken told me that I should watch ‘Awkward Black Girl’ on YouTube because after knowing me a month she figured “I’d really relate.” Compliment? Fast forward to digesting Issa Rae’s book at warped speed (for me that means at least two months), and then falling in love with ‘Insecure.’ It wasn’t hard for anyone my age to do so. We spent our childhood laughing at shit we didn’t quite understand on ‘Living Single’ and later wondered why the fuck Joan was too much on ‘Girlfriends’ in our teens. ‘Insecure’ came at just the right time for millennials as we too were facing the hood of adult, and as we loved and lost – so did Issa and her friends. Not only were the characters amazing, but Issa Rae really gave us a love letter to Los Angeles and not just the places we see too often on TV. She took us south of the 10. For representing the awkward Black girls, the hardships of being grown, and the parts of LA white folks dare not travel – I’ll always crush on Issa Rae. 


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