And the Emmy 2022 Crush Is…

‘Abbott Elementary!’ 

When it comes to ABC comedies, they are rarely a miss for me. Shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘Modern Family’ got me used to the whole mockumentary style, and when the characters are right – I’m in. This is why it didn’t take long for ‘Abbott Elementary’ to become a can’t miss show for me. No really, there are shows I’m like a season and a half behind on but this one? I. Am. On. It. 

That’s because ‘Abbott Elementary’ felt fresh. I’d loved ‘Schooled’ and ‘Superstore’ and was yearning for another work-based comedy to enter my life because who doesn’t love a show about people working in one of the hardest professions on earth? Exactly. Also, every time I watched, I immediately followed it up with memories from my days at Cabazon Elementary and thought of the handful of teachers who thought I’d amount to a lot. My apologies for letting them down. Turns out, I just didn’t care about school once the Scholastic Book Fair was not an annual option. 

Anyways, back to the show because if you haven’t watched it – what the actual fuck? You’ve been missing out because it’s not just endearing to watch a show that pays homage to educators, but it’s also one of the funniest shows on television at the moment that’s on traditional TV. I love my streaming services but when you came up on TGIF, honey – your heart always gives a little more to the networks. So yeah, amazing comedy and that’s not only a shout-out to the writers but also the actors who, in only 13 episodes, made us obsessed with them. 

Yes, we sort of got a little will-they-won’t-they from Janine and Gregory that made every ‘Office’ fan watching take note and draw obvious comparisons, but that trope existed before and will continue to appear in sitcoms until the sun eventually melts us all. Nevertheless, obsessed with them but a special shout out to Janelle James who plays the most reckless principal ever, Ava Coleman. 

This cast is a beautiful ensemble of talent, but at the core is James. Every single time she is on the screen you are laughing, but then they really went and rounded her out by the end of the first season in a very unexpected way. Only adding layers to Ava, a character we were all rooting for from day one. Of course, one can’t forget the other teachers and Mr. Johnson, the custodian, either. All of them have made an imprint and made us excited for what’s to come because if ABC is smart, this will be the show to finally take the torch ‘Modern Family’ left for grabs at ABC in 2020. 

With that, I’m probably going to go watch an episode or two! More Emmy crushes are on the way later this week including some from a show that’s a world away from the sweetness of this school in Philly. 

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