Marvel Crush: Sidekicks? More like Main Squeeze

As Shannon said this week, when it comes to the Marvel Universe Captain America and Bucky Barnes are basically the Batman and Robin of it all. Oh, wait…you haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet? Okay, well go do that by clicking right here

Now that you’re back from listening, you can now take a journey through the best Marvel sidekicks there are, from a tree to a regular ol’ kid in high school. They’ve worked harder than most and let other heroes have all of the shine, but there’s no doubt that we’d want any of them to be our trustworthy sidekicks any day. 

Foggy Nelson

Who the hell wouldn’t want a Bash Brother as their right-hand man?


The definition of ride or die, and you can read more of why Groot’s a prime pick here

Pepper Potts

Get you a girl who’s going to put on an armored suit and fight a roided out Grimace. 

War Machine

Or get you a boy who’s basically going to do the same…


Judging from past Spider-man movies, the best friend never turns out to be the best but we have hope that Ned sticks to being a great guy. 


She’s got that HBIC energy that we cannot deny. 


This sidekick leveled the fuck up, didn’t he?


We love a sassy-ass sidekick. He puts up with way too much of Doctor Strange’s BS. 


She may be the only sidekick on the list we’re truly terrified of. 

Bucky Barnes

Are you surprised? He’s as loyal as they come. 

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