A Harmonious Glee Crush

There have been a lot of pop culture moments that I’ve sat on the sidelines of. ‘Twilight,’ ‘The Hunger Games,’ Wordle…seriously, wtf is Wordle? However, one that I tagged in for a short time when a remote control was null and void in my life was ‘Glee.’ Yes, once upon a time when I rented a room in a home where no one seemed to work but me, ‘Glee’ was a comfort before ‘Raising Hope’ because I didn’t want to stretch two feet to the TV to change the channel. During that time I only found one character the least bit interesting too, and that was none other than Kurt. 

Does he have a last name? I’m sure he does but my interest in Kurt’s storyline never went that far. He was having some dating drama and sang all the time to get to Nationals because that’s what they always seem to be doing on that show. Are those weekly fucking events? I’m not exactly sure about that but an interest in Kurt led me to pay attention to Chris Colfer for a few years and in that time he did another role that I absolutely adored, and that was Carson Phillips in ‘Struck by Lightning.’ 

Colfer wrote and starred in this movie in which he dies at the start, but then narrates what had happened before Mother Nature decided to take his ass out. It’s funny, a bit dark, and right up my alley in terms of what I like in a movie. Did it do well? I’m as unsure about that as I am about the fucking Nationals that occurred way too often, but did I enjoy every second of it? Yup. So yeah, my quick interest in Colfer on ‘Glee’ led me to follow him to this movie. Which, I saw at a screening with a buddy before he left for Germany…Belgium…sorry Jens, it’s been a decade and I’m still not convinced you’re not from Germany. 

As for ‘Glee,’ it was a huge pop culture moment I got sucked into for a bit and didn’t quite understand fully but I could see how one could get entrapped in the drama because I did for a split second. And while I don’t live for it, I have to admit that I’ve gone down some performance rabbit holes from the show from time to time because it’s not like the show didn’t cast great singers. That was the point, right? For them to go to fucking Nationals. 

My ‘Glee’ crush is itty bitty, but this week we’re talking to a stand up comedian out of Arizona named Rae Bradshaw whose love of the show was so grand she had to dish about two of William McKinley High’s best. 

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