Tim Lagman’s Movie Star Crush

We’re seeing stars (and much more) this week because we’re talking to none other than Tim Lagman. A sex educator and podcaster who is here to talk not only about ‘The Sex Ed with Tim Podcast,’ but also all things Tom Hiddleston…from Tumblr days to notebooks filled with dream scenarios. https://youtu.be/44PrIkj58h0

Marvel Crush: Sidekicks? More like Main Squeeze

As Shannon said this week, when it comes to the Marvel Universe Captain America and Bucky Barnes are basically the Batman and Robin of it all. Oh, wait…you haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet? Okay, well go do that by clicking right here.  Now that you’re back from listening, you can now take a... Continue Reading →

Shannon Parola’s Marvel Crush

When Shannon Parola isn’t running around after her daughter, looking for Funko Pops with her husband, or doing it up on The Game of Nerds, she’s watching anything and everything Sebastian Stan has ever done because he’s not only her agreed upon hall pass...oh no, Bucky Barnes is her #1 Marvel Crush. https://youtu.be/edsMbn3fxDk

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