Rocking Around The Holiday Movie Crushes

There is no better time of year than now to dive into holiday movie crushes, right? We started with the king of Christmas, Kevin McCallister, dove into a handful of others, and now are rounding out my personal favorites today. If you haven’t listened, head here. It’s a quick episode, no longer than 15 minutes – swear.

Okay, now that you’re back from a quick break, you know some of the movies that’ll be on here, but which holiday movies rounded out my favs?

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Because you already listened to this week’s episode you know all too well that this random VHS was a favorite of mine as a kid, and that was due mostly to the treats that came with it on Christmas Eve.


Have you ever wondered what the life of an apparent magical ornament is like? Well then, ‘Noel’ is for you. Also, as a kid this had a great coloring book, and like, if your movie paired well with Crayola, shit – that was all it took.

Jingle All The Way

There are some movies from my childhood that did not stand the test of time. This, to me, is not one of them.

Look Who’s Talking Now

The leads may be insane, but I’d be even crazier not putting this on my list.

8 Crazy Nights

Speaking of crazy, Adam Sandler made gold with this animated holiday favorite. Plus, that little old lady who always goes on about someone stealing her wigs? Amazing.

A Very Brady Christmas

Who doesn’t love a grown-up version of a wholesome TV series from the ‘70s?

Home Alone

As far as story, look, and overall feel – it doesn’t get that much better than ‘Home Alone.’ Well…just a little bit.


The movie that gave the world Gizmo.

Home Alone 2

Yup, ‘Home Alone’ could only be topped by a few movies and its sequel is one of those movies. They took the concept and managed to make it 10x better with New York City as the backdrop.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Not only is this my favorite holiday movie for a myriad of reasons I went over this week on the show, but it’s my second favorite movie of all time as well.

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