‘80s Movie Crush: The Essentials 

This week the lovely Kris and Deb from ‘Today We Laughed and Learned’ came through to talk about their ‘80s movie crush, ‘The Outsiders.’ An must-see when it comes to that era because it’s not only an amazing tale, but also because it helped launch the careers of several actors we still fuck with today like Rob Lowe and…well, Tom Cruise, eventhough me and the pair behind ‘Today We Laughed and Learned’ were never too keen on him, ever. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best from then, but it’s not the only must-see ‘80s movie…here are some others that helped define the decade that aren’t ‘Gremlins,’ because you know I love me some ‘Gremlins.’

ET The Extra Terrestrial

Back to the Future 


The Breakfast Club 

Die Hard 

Child’s Play

The Goonies 

Coming to America 



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