‘80s Movie Crush: The Essentials 

This week the lovely Kris and Deb from ‘Today We Laughed and Learned’ came through to talk about their ‘80s movie crush, ‘The Outsiders.’ An must-see when it comes to that era because it’s not only an amazing tale, but also because it helped launch the careers of several actors we still fuck with today... Continue Reading →

The Bright Lights of an ‘80s Movie Crush

There were a lot of movies that scared me as a kid, but for some reason the antics of mogwais that had gone rogue never caused me to cry, but rather made me want to hit rewind and watch over and over again. Yup, this week we’re talking to Kris and Deb from ‘Today We... Continue Reading →

Holiday Movie Crushes

I know, I know…I did the Crushes of 2021 and that should’ve been it for the year, but I had to come back one more time before the end of the year to talk about a holiday movie crush, or two! Yes, we’re diving into a handful of movies I have to watch this time... Continue Reading →

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