Crushin on 1996 with Scott Kurland

We first met Scott Kurland when he came through to talk about his Lifelong Crush on musician/actress, Jenny Lewis. Now he’s back to talk about the year that he started to super size life. We talked about our fond Happy Meal memories, our shared love of Mariah Carey, why ‘That Thing You Do’ is his... Continue Reading →

90s Movie Crush: They Were Too Old For Us But That Didn’t Matter

When it comes to 90s movie crushes, my people know all too well that JTT, Devon Sawa, Christina Ricci, and Brandy were the go-to crushes, but they were ‘Tiger Beat’ residents. It was totally normal to crush on a teen actor, or possibly even the grown-ass people who played teens on shows like ‘90210,’ but... Continue Reading →

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