Fictional Crush: The Best Streaming Now 

Earlier this month Dana B. Myers came through with her celebrity crush that just so happened to be from TV, and with that came a list of celebrity crushes from the small screen. Today, you may be thinking…isn’t this the same? Oh no, because today it’s not about the actor but about the character and well, just how endearing they are to viewers at home. This is also because we talked to every member of Monsoon about their fictional crushes so…it just made sense to go this route. So without further ado, the most crushable fictional characters you can stream right now. 

Cobb Vanth – The Mandalorian & The Book of Boba Fett

You can’t help but love the small-town sheriff vibes Cobb Vanth has. He’s like if they took Andy Griffith’s charm and poured the BDE of old westerns into a saucepan and out came Cobb Vanth. 

Lee Cheong-san – All of Us Are Dead

I’ve yet to watch this show, but I hear y’all are stanning…

Judy Gemstone – The Righteous Gemstones

Y’all know I love the middle child energy Judy is serving. 

Will Smith – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

These were not easy shoes to fill, but you have to admire what he’s bringing to the iconic role. 

Jack Pearson – This Is Us 

Even dead, Jack Pearson managed to hold our hearts in the palm of his hands over six seasons. 

Maddy Perez – Euphoria 

When Rue said that Maddy dreamed of doing nothing, I felt that and admired that. 

Gregory Eddie – Abbott Elementary

Those Jim Halpert-like looks to the camera are to die for. 

Jazz Forster – Grown-ish 

Jazz is not celebrated enough for the blunt realism she brings to the ‘Grown-ish’ realm. 

Vigilante – Peacemaker 

When I say it’s the character…for me, that’s 100% because I looked this actor up in other roles and NOPE. It’s Vigilante or bust. 

Ruth Langmore – Ozark 

Maybe it’s because I’m from a place where someone like Ruth would call home, but goddamn I love this girl. 

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