Educators That Left Us with a Teacher Crush

We’ve discussed a couple of teacher crushes this week. Mine in high school, Shawn Jacobson’s college professor, and now we’re going to dive into ten teachers who have graced screens both big and small. Yes, they aren’t just teachers we’ve learned from in pop culture but teachers that were well, kind of fucking hot – or at least so cool we crushed on them anyway. No matter how or why the crush developed, these are the teachers we crushed on over the years. 

Sam Coulson, Never Been Kissed

We’re not going to talk about how Mr. Coulson should’ve lost his fucking job…but we can talk about how I did Josie’s ending monologue from ‘Never Been Kissed’ for my theater final in high school because I thought their relationship was too fucking cute and well, the title was basically my life at that moment (and for years after). 

Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus 

If you wanna talk about a bad bitch, then look no further than Ms. Fizzle. From a young age she taught her students, and us, to be adventurous as fuck. Also, that it’s totally okay to be grown with no family and just a pet iguana.

Mr. Turner, Boy Meets World

This is a teacher crush that is very specific to a time and place because that hair? That don’t fly past a certain point in history. 

Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder 

If you thought Ms. Frizzle was the only bad bitch on this countdown. Well, Annalise Keating has entered the motherfucking chat. 

Walter White, Breaking Bad

Could you imagine if your run of the mill teacher turned into a fucking drug dealing kingpin? Okay, but really it kind of happened in real life and I need everyone to read about it, here

Jessica Day, New Girl 

Jessica Day is 100% that teacher that would always have kids on their best behavior because no one wants the hot teacher mad at them, right?

Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men 

Making bald hot as fuck since the ‘60s…

Edna Krabappel, The Simpsons

While Jessica Day was the teacher you dreamed of, Ms. Krabappel was like a lot of the teachers we actually had. She was often a mess, sometimes mean, and well, human. It was her faults that made us love her, and that sass that made her a teacher crush for many. 

Ben Wrightman, Fever Pitch 

All of this was just so I could write my dissertation about ‘Fever Pitch’ and why it is the greatest RomCom to have ever been. Okay, so I won’t go on about the chemistry between Drew and Jimmy being perfect, or the fact that they based this beautiful love story around a boring sport and made actual magic, or how every time Jimmy’s Ben goes to sell those tickets and Drew’s Lindsey breaks laws to tell him not to makes my heart warm and fuzzy…I’ll just say, Jimmy Fallon plays a teacher in this so he’s on the list. 

Sister Mary Clarence, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Do I even need to explain why a Vegas headliner turned nun choir teacher is here? I thought so.

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