Crushin on All Things 1993

Aside from all of the pop culture moments, 1993 was the year I started to base my entire personality on being the middle child. With that, my baby brother also likes to brag that the year he was born served up the best movies and he’s far from wrong about that. In getting everything together... Continue Reading →

Big Screen Crushes That Crushed Their Performances 

So by now you’ve listened to me and Rachel M, the host of ‘In Slow Motion,’ talk at length about her big screen crush, Thomas from ‘Maze Runner,’ played by the adorable and talented Dylan O’Brien...right? If not, click this and then right back here to check out some big screen crushes I have on... Continue Reading →

Educators That Left Us with a Teacher Crush

We’ve discussed a couple of teacher crushes this week. Mine in high school, Shawn Jacobson’s college professor, and now we’re going to dive into ten teachers who have graced screens both big and small. Yes, they aren’t just teachers we’ve learned from in pop culture but teachers that were well, kind of fucking hot -... Continue Reading →

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