90s Con Crushes Delivered

If you grew up ripping pages from ‘Tiger Beat’ and painstakingly placing them on your adolescent walls in the ‘90s then you would have loved 90s Con. The first-ever convention of its kind brought a cascade of favorites together under one roof to celebrate and rejoice in the best decade ever. While there were some things I felt could’ve been done a little better, which you can hear all about here – but one of the main things 90s Con delivered was a bevy of crushes. From boy bands to scream queens, it’s time to take a look at top crushes from 90s Con. 

Melissa Joan Hart

Many who flocked to Melissa Joan Hart’s booth were ecstatic to see a true icon of the era. For me, it was like seeing an old friend because not only did I love her as Clarissa and Sabrina, but my ass watched ‘Melissa & Joey’ and ‘No Good Nick.’ Yes, I’ve followed this career like a hawk, sans the holiday movies because those aren’t for me. 

Kel Mitchell

Who loves Kel Mitchell? 90s Con attendees love Kel Mitchell. Is it true? Mhmm, you know they do, they do, they do-oo! Okay, now that I got that out of my system, we can talk more about what a genuinely nice man Kel is and how much fans adore whenever he makes an appearance at a convention because he’s always a sweetheart to anyone who stops by his booth. 

Candace Cameron Bure

DJ Tanner has been the crush of many for decades now because ‘Fuller House’ managed to win the hearts of many all over again. So was her booth popping the entire weekend? YES.

Scott Wolf

I regret not going up to ‘Party of Five’ star Scott Wolf’s booth and telling him how great he was in the ‘Dark Side of the 90s’ show on Hulu. If you’ve yet to watch, he’s on the one about teen shows and it’s wild – but not shocking – what Hollywood pulled back in the day because they were scared of Midwest viewers revolting. 

Neve Campbell

Speaking of ‘Party of Five,’ Scott Wolf’s on-screen sister, Neve Campbell, was there but if I’m being honest, it seemed like almost everyone was there to get their ‘Scream’ on. Sadly though, no one was actually dressed as Ghostface. 

Rider Strong

Rider Strong came through with four other cast members from ‘Boy Meets World’ and had people straight living. I mean, I understand as that was one of the most enthralling shows on the TGIF lineup. Not to mention Shawn Hunter is in my personal top 10 crushes of all time. 


While 90s Con had some Spice Girls’ ensembles on display, they had TLC there in the flesh, and for those who were able to catch their panel alongside a few boy band members – you got treated to a quick performance of their #1 hit, “Waterfalls.” Did my ‘90s heart flip out over that? Yes, yes it did. 

The Lawrence Brothers

Not one, not two, but all three Lawrence brothers were at 90s Con and can I just say that Matthew Lawrence is still one of the most beautiful human beings on earth? I did see their mother was around, and I wish I’d run into her to ask what was up with those genetics. 

Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel’s Danielle Fishel is often considered one of the top-tier crushes from the ‘90s. She and Kimberly, the Pink Power Ranger, always battle it for the #1 spot as many ‘90s kids’ first love, but Amy Jo was not in attendance which – where were the Power Rangers??? That aside, Danielle was there making grown men feel like a tween again. 

Backstreet Boys 

Nick Carter AND AJ McClean? Yes, arguably the best members were at 90s Con and I lived. Not only did they sing with TLC, but they put in a lot of work at their booths because…no surprise here, they were busy from start to finish every single day.  

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