Meet Me Ringside, WWE Crush

This week has revolved heavily around wrestling. We had Stephanie Hardy of the Hardy Wrestling Podcast come through and talk about everything WWE, Gigi Dolin, and so much more. I also wrote this piece about John Cena and ‘Peacemaker’ for another site that’s launching soon that I’m excited to start sharing in the next month or so, but anyways…I realized one of the biggest reasons a WWE crush forms is not just because of how good they look, and I mean – look at these people…gorgeous. We also fall for their personas and how they carry themselves in the ring. So this week we’re going to take a look at the current WWE superstars (and commentators because honey is fine) that people are crushing on, but focus more on what they do once they step into the ring. 

Corey Graves 

Sasha Banks

Dexter Lumis 


Angelo Dawkins


Seth Rollins

Becky Lynch 

Roman Reigns

Bianca Belair

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